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Ak47 Design
Ak47 Design was born from the desire of its founders - curious travellers passionate about art and design - to create useful and uncommon objects capable of decorating space and delighting the eye and the mind. Fire, a mythical and legendary element so powerful and tangible, has always inspired our collections. We are the benchmark company for those seeking the best outdoor fire pits and garden furnishings, that makes quality its main strength. All pieces bearing the Ak47 Design signature are the result of a passionate and meticulous exploration which, through the study and processing of raw materials, design and attention to detail, achieves the perfect synthesis between utility and "Made in Italy" design. We are deeply rooted on the shores of Lake Como and have been exporting Italian beauty and excellence all over the world since 2007. We are visionaries and dreamers from the moment we first sketch the lines of an idea. We are single-minded and meticulous about turning it into reality. Our mission is to create objects with a unique and timeless flavour, capable of surprising and moving. We think, design and manufacture in Italy.