Cattaneo Illuminazione
Technology helps us in our daily lives; as for lighting, research and development have allowed Cattaneo Illuminazione to design and optimize new light fixtures aimed at meeting the needs of the market, as well as providing people and interiors with suitable lighting solutions.

Synergy between creativity and technology has led to the design of low-energy and LED, high-performance lamps, fitted with appropriate screens and specially-positioned bulbs so as to ensure a suitable ergonomic interior lighting.

For over forty years, Cattaneo Illuminazione has been offering lighting creations arising from the imagination and craftsmanship of skilled Italian artisans.

Aesthetic research, careful selection of materials and accurate finishes are combined to offer top quality products, exclusively made in Italy and Europe.

Thanks to its experience and organization, Cattaneo Illuminazione can provide architects and installers with a full service, including extensive project and technical support.
A prompt customer service is of utmost importance for Cattaneo Illuminazione to establish a trustworthy, professional relationship with its customers, which is the basis of interesting ideas and projects, especially as far as hotels, open spaces and large installations are concerned.

Cattaneo Illuminazione is the spark of Italian creativity that lights up the world.