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Dantone Home
Each Dantone Home item combines impeccable quality, functionality and contemporary design. We design and manufacture furniture in Russia with great attention to detail, constantly improving technology and choosing the best materials.
Dantone Home showrooms offer everything you need for interior design: upholstered and cabinet furniture, lighting, textiles and decorative items. We are convinced that a home should reflect the inner world of the owners and serve as a comfortable space for living.
To work on collections, we invite both eminent foreign designers and young Russian authors. Style diversity and a large selection of textures and colors give scope for creativity.
Experiment and create a cozy home with us!
In the Dantone Home assortment you can find modern classics, mid-century and art deco samples, and exotic models in the colonial style. The furniture is presented in several colors and sizes, and the variety of textures and colors of fabrics allows you to customize the selected items.
Dantone Home is a traditional but at the same time cosmopolitan brand. We follow what is happening in the world of architecture and design in different parts of the planet, and choose what is close to us in spirit. To work on collections, we invite foreign designers, as well as young Russian authors who bring a fresh perspective to interior design.