Laboratorio Mattoni
Laboratorio Mattoni

Our Workshop:
Our workshop was created with the intent to transform intuitions and instinctive creativity into concrete projects. In our workshop we merge the potentiality of digital Design and of technological innovations with an excellent craftsmenship in order to create highly customized pieces of furniture, unique in their way to gain a form and shape. We have an outstanding Design team that passes executive projects onto our craftsmen: with the processing of metal work, carpentry, solid surface work, upholstery, glassware work, marble work, painting and resin work these project turn into unique masterpieces that cannot be replicated.

We design and produce excellent pieces of furniture that are ideal for any kind of environment. Our collection includes retrò and industrial models and modern, smart and highly technological models as well: furnishing accessories, containers, lamps, libraries, seats, tables and desks. Besides from being perfect for any environment, our furniture, thanks to innovative materials, is ideal for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. These are handmade products that have a big core of technology and automation. We simply give the right meaning to the term ‘Made in Italy’ since everything is handmade and customizable in terms of materials, finishes and measures to grant an out of the ordinary Living experience.

Our Kitchens:
A new DNA concept for the kitchen: Design, Home Automation, Flexibility. Our kitchens are our pride. They are indeed a perfect union between craftsmenship, Design and technological innovation. We create modern kitchens of any kind, from free-standing kitchens to built-in kitchens, with extraordinary materials and a strong presence of technology and domotics. Motorized elements, moving Hard Tops, sliding elements, lifting mechanisms, Led lights and high-end and innovative appliances (grill, teppan yaki, induction plates, gas burners, deep fryers, steam systems, ovens) all is the high-tech core of our kitchens and integrate style with home automation in a smart and efficient mode. Our innovative materials grant the possibility to use the kitchens both in INDOOR and OUTDOOR environments. Last but not least, as every other of our pieces of furniture, all of our kitchens are highly customizable. Every kitchen is hand made, designed and produced from scratch according to our client’s needs.

Our Bars:
Our Bars are the result of further research towards new frontiers. Using a reference to a retro appeal we have integrated all this with an innovative Design and technological innovations. Sinuous and unprecedented shapes have been conceived to create an object that can be the protagonist of any environment. The retro charm develops through the use of noble materials with an ancient reference, such as the use of brass with an antique effect rigorously carried out by our craftsmen, Murano glass in all its shapes and colors, sliced wood with a classic reference such as Ebony Makassar and Zebrano, fabrics with fascinating and intriguing textures, precious and elegant Italian marbles. At the same time, however, a highly futuristic and innovative soul emerges that generates a truly unprecedented 'WoW effect'. Electric opening mechanisms that reveal the soul of the Bar, Hard Tops that open remotely, lifting mechanisms that move trays, Led lighting that plays with mirror textures, integrated bluetooth speakers to listen to your favorite songs. All this is the result of continuous research towards ever more ambitious goals, to create new and unrepeatable experiences.

We define ourselves materials connoisseurs. Nature has provided us with splendid materials; we respect them and by working with them we try to be as creative as possible. We also use advanced materials; coming from the technological research of the most prestigious companies in the world, these materials are the oppurtunity to improve products for contemporary environments and achieve the most actual possible Design: high performances, endless colour and applications. We also use eco-friendly materials: living a space should always be a guarantee of wellness in time.

Laboratorio Mattoni
is an Italian company that operates on an international level in the contract business. Innovation, product and service excellence, Design, prestige, we describe the Italian culture and Design and offer a complete service according to internal building works, plants, finishings, decorations, furniture and furniture accessories.