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DJ control Air

3D Modell Herunterladen

DJ control Air


3D model of DJ control Air
Large jog wheels for a better DJing experience
Similar size to the jog wheels on DJ CD players:
15 cm diameter at the base
13 cm diameter at the top
Mechanical pressure sensing for intuitive scratching
Over 750 steps per rotation - precise position scan
Add fun to your mix with AIR control
Contactless sensor lets you control your mix from above, without even touching the device, with 12 '' of reach
No need to touch the controller - you control the mix without physical contact
Velocity pads to express your creativity
Instantly activate the playback of samples or hot cues with one touch
The louder you play the pads, the louder the volume of the samples played
Ergonomic design to enjoy the sessions of mix
Comfortable size - 45 cm wide for plenty of space between controls when acting
Soft rubber coating on the twist caps and transport buttons for easier handling
modes of operation for integrating voices into your mix
Direct pass-through - speak on top of the music
Software processing - record your voice or add effects in real time to your voice

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