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My writing desk

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Modello 3D - My writing desk


3D model of My writing desk
A writing desk, designed for working people. For creative people. For people who know the value of efficient work.While developing the idea of ​​the My Writing Desk (MWD), designer Inesa Malafej had a clear goal - to reduce the chaotic clutter that creative work brings to the table. The result is a desk which has its storage space organized around the tabletop, where the objects are always in sight and easily accessible. This enlarges the desktop beyond its edges without the worry that things might fall down. Furthermore, any unnecessary objects can simply be pushed to the sides, for storage.The high edges of the desk isolate it in the room and create a positive microclimate where things “feel good” in relationship to the user. The wings are divided, leaving space for electrical wires. MWD features two drawers to store a laptop and other working tools. The legs of the table can be twisted off for easier transportation. For smaller, cosier spaces, a one-drawer version was created. MWD is Inesa's graduation project from the Vilnius Academy of Arts.