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Modello 3D - Marble tiles TUREX INTERNATIONAL


TUREX INTERNATIONAL, an international supplier of natural stone products, offers to create amazing surfaces in the interior, to make the space the most stylish and beautiful with the help of marble tiles. All collections are first-class natural stone products, and any of the options is a great choice. The set includes the following textures:

3388 aksehir siyah Honed
3388 aksehir siyah Polished
3389 roza bej Honed
3389 roza bej Polished
3390 seker beji Honed
3390 seker beji Polished
3394 milas menekse Honed
3394 milas menekse Polished
3395 fume emprador Honed
3395 fume emprador Polished
3397 mount gray Honed
3397 mount gray Polished

Floor size: 14074 mm x 14074 mm. Each tile has 6 textures.

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