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The furniture studio DONNA is a successful family business which was founded back in 2008 by Natalia and Alexander Donchenko, one of the few production managers of this kind who try not only to keep up with the most advanced technologies, but also to bring something into them. Rapidly changing design trends, ideas about comfort and lifestyle of a modern person are the elements that inspire them to develop and collaborate with the best Ukrainian designers. Thus, DONNA not only perfectly fulfills all the wishes of its customers, but also offers them progressive and high-quality products.
The client and his peace of mind are the main priorities of the company DONNA ! It is for the sake of realizing the dreams and expectations of its customers that the team of DONNA gathers every day in a 3000m2 workshop and, united by one goal, starts to work, achieving for each new product more than the expected result! It goes without saying that the success of DONNA furniture factory is based on its production base, which is represented by the latest equipment, high quality materials and constant improvement of technology. The main capital of our company is our team and each individual specialist who got invaluable professional experiences and skills, knowing how to understand the client and, if necessary, communicating with him personally, as he can be a manager, master, installer or cutter! Customer focus is the quality that DONNA embodies in every member of its company and, accordingly, in every single item and in every turnkey furnished property!