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We are glad to welcome! We are Alex and Sasha, we design and produce lamps, lights and interior decor under a young brand HANI. When we founded our company, we decided to name it this way, because hani in Japanese means 'sphere’ and sphere is an ideal geometric form, a symbol of perfection and sustainability — exact qualities we are aiming to reach in our work.As an architect I am always interested in fresh ideas in architecture and interior design, and I am constantly searching for new, unusual pieces of furniture and lighting. That’s why I have given a serious thought to the idea of creating my own models of lighting and decor.As an aspiring artist Sasha likes to experiment with forms, materials and light. So one beautiful evening we had decided to create our first lamp. What was said was done. And our first project entered the International Design ADD Awards short-list.
Simplicity and maximum expressiveness achieved by a rather minimalistic approach is our philosophy.