Lundbergs Möbler
Olle Lundberg, grandfather of today's owner, was the carpenter who after the war in 1945 wanted a little more and bought a furniture factory together with his partner, Lundberg and Midstens Möbelfabrik. Then as now, the focus was on carving good wooden tables and chairs. Over 75 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and the use of tables and chairs are today in our DNA. The feeling and our commitment to details as cabinetmakers grew mainly during the 70s and 80s when Lundbergs Möbler became Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of Gustavian furniture. A production that was characterized by sculptures, careful choice of materials and hand painting. You can see our Gustavian heritage today in, for example, the Ramo table with its well-crafted and artisanal details. Today, our ambition is to be the leading supplier of wooden tables for the Nordic market with our own furniture production and development in Tibro. Still with great accuracy in the details and material choices, but now also with a great commitment to making our furniture more circular and making sure to do our job in working to reach the 1.5 degree goal. You can read more about this under the Long life tab and also under Reconditioning services, which is our latest step towards a more circular future.