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We are a company with more than ten years of experience in providing lighting that delights and inspires with bold design and endless possibilities of arrangement.

We know that the space in which we spend our time is of great importance. Decorated wisely, ergonomically and beautifully makes it possible to function in it without restrictions. We know that a perfectly designed interior needs proper lighting. Light, in the luminaire of a well-chosen lamp, it builds the mood and allows to define the space. Thanks to it we can work, pursue passions, enjoy moments together and rest. That is why our products go to people who are looking for original design and high quality.

A vast assortment of products allows everyone to choose something for themselves. Attractive lamps that are both eye-catching and character-enhancing, as well as discreet, exposing other elements of decoration. Rich, multi-element blocks and minimalist forms. Classical design, referring to the most important trends in the history of design and modern, creating new trends.

Our lamps illuminate the interiors of private houses, commercial spaces such as hotels and restaurants and public buildings. We cooperate with architects and developers. We also provide support in the choice of lighting for individual customers in our company shops and partner shops.