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Paolo Castelli
Paolo Castelli S.p.A is a leading Italian company in the design and global contracting sector at a national and international level. Born from an intuition of Paolo Castelli, the company has been able to combine tradition and innovation by creating ever-present "total look" indoor and outdoor collections able to describe the contemporaneity, anticipating trends and responding to market requests. Paolo Castelli S.p.A is able to satisfy the needs of designers and the wishes of the end customer by offering custom-made solutions developed around the concepts of excellence and high quality: a dynamic vision that has led the Italian company to become the ideal partner for ambitious projects contract all over the world.

The Paolo Castelli company was born from the historic tradition of the Castelli family from Bologna, whose entrepreneurial activity in the field of furniture began at the end of the 19th century. From an artisan cabinet-making shop opened in 1887 in the heart of Bologna, to the Domodinamica company, specialized in office and design furniture, the Castelli family has put the skilful craftsmanship gained over the years at the service of renowned designers. In fact, Michele De Lucchi, Karim Rashid, Pier Luigi Cerri, Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Giovannoni, Luca Scacchetti, Denis Santachiara, Angelo Micheli, Massimo Iosa Ghini designed for Domodinamica. Born out of the company's evolution, the Paolo Castelli brand has become a specialist in product design and large-scale projects as a general contractor. These two dimensions of the company are intricately intertwined, establishing Paolo Castelli as a byword for excellence, innovation, research, and elegance within the context of Made in Italy.

From furnitures to lighting, Paolo Castelli has been able to create an extensive catalogue with diverse and unique indoor and outdoor furniture proposals capable of expressing a philosophy of living the home space in the name of sophisticated elegance, revealed in each of the collections. A single story, multiple expressive languages. Craftsmanship and creativity are enhanced from collection to collection, narrating the multifaceted soul of the brand: artistic suggestions merge with modern reinterpretations of the great styles that have characterized the design eras. Experimentation, research and development give life to increasingly sustainable collections, which communicate Paolo Castelli's commitment to offering design furniture and accessories in which aesthetics and functionality come together in a sustainable perspective. Each collection dialogues with the other thanks to the very high variety and quality of the finishes: materials and colors are enhanced in ever new combinations, making each piece of furniture unique and highly customizable. Thanks to continuous investments in terms of research and development Paolo Castelli stands out for a highly specialized workforce at the service of the souls of which the company is composed.

Paolo Castelli's technical know-how finds its maximum application in the context of Contract projects. From the supply of furniture to turnkey projects, the Italian company stands out for providing highly customizable solutions that characterize each project, making it unique. In fact, it is possible to modify the furnitures in the catalogue