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Royal stranger
“A Stranger to the trivial, and Noble at heart.”

Founded by Rui and Sofia, two architects based in Porto, Portugal, Royal Stranger presents a unique selection of furniture designs reflecting an unmatchable passion for bold colors, unusual shapes, and good vibes. We cultivate the aesthetics of all things fun and authentic, while always keeping an eye on high quality standards.
We look at Nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Architecture and Interior Design will inevitably have a big impact on each design, alongside with Art, Jewelry, and Cinema.
There are prevailing themes that are explored, such as the pixelated pattern of beehives, fantastical depictions of lapidated heart shapes, sweet and soft shapes resembling marshmallows, and bold combinations of patterns, and finishes inspired by women around the world.
Royal stands for the use of valuable materials, and for the mastery in the making, while Stranger takes place in how we create new designs that cater to a better sensory experience of our world.
Our work connects visionary minds and unrivaled craftsmanship. We make sure to deliver made-to-order sustainable and customizable furniture designs to best fit each project. We bring the feeling of works of Art to each ambience: turning ordinary into Extraordinary.