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Yaratam Design
" Yaratam " in translation
from the Tatar language means “I love”
This word best conveys our attitude to the matter. The first Yaratam interior items appeared back in 2014 as part of individual projects for customers. Since 2016 we have a catalog with serial furniture and accessories.
The catalog is constantly updated with new items.
“I often looked at Western architectural magazines and attended international exhibitions. It was hard for me to realize that when I opened Architectural Digest, I would find few objects from Russia in it. And I won’t find anything made in Kazan. When working on interior items for my brand, I am inspired by my love for my hometown. With my design I influence the interior market in Russia and shape the idea of Kazan as a modern city that has something to offer the whole world.”
Yaratam regularly participates in Russian interior exhibitions. In 2018, we also took part in the Parisian Maison&Objet. This is one of the most interesting international events in the field of interior design. Our products are highly appreciated by European experts and publications. We plan to develop cooperation with Western companies at the level of export and collaborations with European designers.

Petr Safiullin
Founder of Yaratam
The concept is based on the recognizable design and individual character of each item. Peter Safiullin, the creator of the brand, was inspired by famous architectural masterpieces, such as the Villa Savoy by Le Corbusier.

Yaratam Design gives you the opportunity to buy a product that is inaccessible to most, because this is what real design is valuable for. Our interior items will never become a background. They will stand out from other furniture because we produce pieces with character. Pieces ready to challenge Dutch and Italian furniture. Items created with love and intended for those who can appreciate them.