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Towel rail Scaletta

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3D Model - Towel rail Scaletta


3D model of towel rail Scaletta
The Scaletta heated towel rail is a popular item, thanks to its original design and versatility, is able to meet various design requirements. Scaletta's design is far from traditional towel warmers: the staircase is a direct object that needs no explanation, because it is part of everyone's imagination. Scaletta is conceived as an object that beautifies and heats up, offering also maximum freedom to place it in any part of the room, mainly in the bathroom. What's more, since it doesn't require installation, you can move it to another room in the house if needed, and also take it with you when you return home.
What's more, Scaletta can be equipped with the Regman accessory: a manual temperature control device designed to keep the surface temperature set for the heated towel rail constant.