The connection of times, a tribute to traditions, aesthetics and an innovative approach to design - these are, perhaps, the main components of the MODENATURE brand. Forty years ago, it was created by the French designer Henry Becq, whose items instantly received well-deserved recognition from lovers of discreet beauty and connoisseurs of refined luxury. Design talent, craftsmanship of cabinetmakers, simple lines, well-balanced proportions, combination of materials, richness of textures, textures and a subtle reference to historical heritage left no one indifferent.

Today, the MODENATURE line has sparkled with completely new colors. The feeling of air and lightness, attention to detail, masterful handling of wood, leather, ceramics, marble, bronze and haute gamme fabrics have not disappeared, but in 2021, the Russian team undertook to rethink the collection and brand philosophy - with a careful attitude to the historical context, delicate, harmonious implementation and use of innovative technologies.

The creative core is the owner of the brand Rustam Chingariyev, designer Alexandra Lykova and architect Zakhar Zylkov, who set the general stylistic direction. In addition to releasing our own collections, made at the European level, but adjusted according to our design code, MODENATURE enables domestic furniture designers, sculptors, ceramists, glass craftsmen to create personalized lines in the context of the brand.

The main current vector of the company is the union of talented designers, the author's approach, the personalization of created objects. And, as a result, the production of furniture, accessories and interior items that will become a worthy investment for future generations.